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Connecting Mobility in the Last Mile


Executive Summary We want to establish a new culture that…


Executive Summary Smart mobility for elder generation as a concept has its roots within the smart cities model. Driven by policy, technology, and community, the primary goal of smart cities is to deliver productivity, innovation, livability, wellbeing, sustainability, accessibility, and good governance and planning. This includes to overcome the last mile in transport as part of the mobility.

The health and mental mobility–technical-integration is essential for the engagement with community and eHealth centers. The platform will allow a life that is self-determined as long aspossible by integrating support, aid and entertainment of various providers in one integrated B2B and B2C concept with high level of flexibility and well designedsimplicity to learn and use on a daily basisAHC, shortforAirpur Heaven Communication, hasestablisheda businessmodelthatallowswiththeConn-App toconnect and co-operatetoengageseniorcitizenon a digital platformtodaily life

  • IT all starts with anBusiness and Responsibility:What is the Competitive Advantage of Your Business Field? What are your next strategic eHealth d company directions ? In which fields fits, online monitoring and B2C solutions ? And who take care of employee engagement in anchaotic working environment.Safe and Reliable Environment for Family Members in an aging society like Europe and Japan, plays here an initial role in our responsible social activity, which combines business with social needs.
  • Demonstrate that we are never toold for communication -Connectivity is never the missing link
  • We can socially help people with Dementia and Alzheimer -Dynamic and Connectivity is possible when being bonded on the buildingThere is no limitation in agility -Be part of friends and family community till end of your life
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