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2020 Sustainablility – 2030

A special status of the 2030 Sustainability Goals agreed by the United Nations of the UN member states is the composition of the individual goals and their effects on the global interaction of the actors. Switzerland also continues to pursue its goals of achieving them and enables you to participate in this political and social obligation in your own way. You can see a useful summary of this in the link and ask yourself which way of life you can contribute to or are already doing actively to get closer to the desired goals.

Not only do I experience political lobbying of the topic in further training offers and company programs / presentations (whether offline or online), but I do indeed receive active support in this direction. Society seems to be changing remarkably by asking how we are making this situation of the Corona standstill COVID-19 aware of how we want to personalize our lives. This virus has made it possible to turn this and many other parts of personal life upside down and gives an opportunity to gently and carefully observe the standstill and find your own way out of it. Living in harmony with nature and assuming its proportionality makes it possible to organize your everyday life in a moderate and sensible manner, without any hectic and unrest. I think this is a great opportunity that you shouldn’t miss to experience your change and help shape it, and it’s very conscious.
The choice of goals, in particular, which Switzerland served and contributed to, is an indication that the globally thinking approach can make a difference and the goal of support seems worthwhile. A goal that can create peace. International cooperation is only consequently a result of closer cooperation on a global level and creates the necessary backing when many countries take on these political but much more social changes.

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