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Industry Forum 2021 Elderly Care Digitalization Project

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Ludwig Sadredin Sahesch-Pur, chief
executive officer of Airpur Drones for the Future, closed the forum with “Connecting Mobility in the Last Mile by Digitalization for Senior Citizens.” They said smart mobility for the elderly, as a concept, has its roots in the smart cities model, with a goal to provide productivity, innovation, livability, well-being, sustainability, accessibility, and good governance and planning. This includes the health and mobility of senior citizens. To achieve it, the speakers presented a concept that combines communication and information platforms in a cybersecure environment. A culture needs to be established, they said, where one is never too old for communication, connectivity is never a missing link, and there is no limit to agility. Digital health care will be essential, including telecare, telemedicine, and telesecurity. The speakers presented a value chain for investment and the provision of retirement care infrastructure, including ubiquitous device connectivity linking senior citizens to physicians (Figure 3). Finally, they said a robust healthcare network must be established, with self-determined care, various medical staff, transparency, workflow management, and supplies and equipment.  

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