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Elderly Care 4.0 Digitalization

time for acting in our age of responsibility and attitude

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  • The 60+ generation is often reluctant to use smart devices.

    AHC has aimed itself the goal of providing tablets suitable for senior citizens that simplify use and access to the digital world for older people and their carers and relatives.

  • The platform is cooperating with existing providers in the support , entertainment , medical assist sector and others .
  • The spectrum ranges from entertainment and cognitive activity to movement instructions and communication for the elderly via video telephony, text and picture messages.
  • Till 2030 the is the estimation that the
    cohorte of people aged 65 years and older

    will be > 30 Millionen
  • The trend of aged people staying at home
    longer is growing
  • Aged people are more digital affine and
    want to stay engaged with the social life
  • The concept of family supporting the care
    is more complex due to geographical distance
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