„Decision intelligence [DI] is turning information into better action” ?!

Abstract: Positionspapier wissenschaftlicher Beitrag zum Thema der KI Entscheidungen und die Informationsgrundlage einer herausfordernden Technologie. Academic paper in discussion for Decision Intelligence for Influences companies’ executives’ leadership management of to improve their decision acting for their company interests. Content: Unabhängig ob die Finanz, Energie, oder Logistikunternehmen: mißlungene oder falsche Entscheidungen können hohe Verluste zur Folge […]

2020 Sustainablility – 2030

A special status of the 2030 Sustainability Goals agreed by the United Nations of the UN member states is the composition of the individual goals and their effects on the global interaction of the actors. Switzerland also continues to pursue its goals of achieving them and enables you to participate in this political and social […]